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A retired corporate operations executive with an additional 20 years of childcare experience, T.R’s career always included the teaching and directing of educational environments for all ages. 

A devoted Christian, T.R. taught in church environments, subjects ranging from elementary basics to computer science for all ages. In addition, T.R. spent many hours volunteering at local shelters for the betterment of those less fortunate.

T.R.’s philosophy to start a child’s learning as early as possible proved to be the biggest success, since the majority of T.R.’s daycare children have far exceeded regular kindergarten pre-K curriculum. This is seen by her two and three year olds reading, knowing their ABCs by site, counting to over 100 and recognizing them by site, chart recognition, addition and subtraction, and lastly recognizing all their colors and shapes. Their are also independently mastering computer programs.

T.R. was a single parent who raised her son on her own in the inner city of Chicago, Illinois. Her success and dedication to learning has been instilled in her son who now holds four degrees and a doctorate in law.

T.R. now resides in Texas and is currently devoting herself to her church, her family, her community, and her childcare business.

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